Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have Beach Chairs?
Yes, We have beach chaise lounges chairs tied down on the beach with umbrellas at the end of out property at the White Sands. They cannot be moved and are first com first served.
What is the Room Price base on?
Our one bedroom are base on 2 people and our 2 bedrooms are based on 4 people. Addition person would be at extra guest charge of 12 dollars a day.
What is the charge for Extra Guest?
12 dollars per day.
How many Guests / people are allowed in a one bedroom?
4 people is the maximum.
How many Guests / people are allowed in a two bedroom?
6 people is the maximum.
How many Guests / people are allowed in a motel room?
4 people is the maximum.
How can I make a Reservation?
Call us at 941-778-2577 or book online on our web site.
Can I Book a Reservation for less than a week?
Yes, Our prime rooms are booked weekly online. We do take short term when it get closer to arrival dates. Please call 1- (941) - 778 - 2577 to arrange short term bookings. As long as the reservation falls between Saturday and Saturday, We will take 5 Nights up to 6 months in advance, 4 Nights about one month in advance, 3 Nights about 2 weeks in advance. Weekend reservations we take the Wednesday before arrive. One night we do walk in availability or if a partial week has already been booked we can book in advance. There are minimum night states on Holiday.
What are your Office Hours?
9:30 AM to 5:00 PM
What is the White Sands Phone Number?
1- (941) - 778 - 2577
I am arriving after Office is Closed, what should I do?
Contact office, we can make advance arrangements for you.