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Anyone can rent you a boat. But what makes us different is our desire to make this day the best day of your vacation and by giving you the tools needed to keep you safe and fulfill your fantasy boat day. At the office we would start off with a bunch of questions. So what kind of boating experience do you have? What is it you want to do today? Fishing? Sand bar? Picnic lunch? Lunch at a seaside dinner? Swimming? and so on. How many kids?

Based on your answers we will help you with ideas for the best places to boat to on this fun day. We cant have an interactive class on here, so we are going to break this down into a number of pages listed below. Some will hold fun information to make sure you find the spots for YOUR adventure and other boring and dull information on how to navigate our waters. We do this for you, not for us.... we hope you enjoy.

How did we get started? About 5 years ago Terri and I were working Monday through Friday waiting for weekend sailing and that once a year trip to the islands. Working corporate is great, but there comes a time that you say "enough". So started Seaduced. After taking the classes to become a 6-pack USCG captain we started offering sunset sails, afternoon sailing and we made enough to pay for the cost of keeping a boat.... then, made a few bucks. "This could be fun" I thought. Next thing I know we bought a boat rental business on Anna Maria Island. This was a blast! Great customers and we seem to have had a knack for communicating how to get around safely while having a ton of fun. We hope that you will visit and get on the water with us. Visit our website to learn more: